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In The IMP lab, we employ a broad range of immunological, molecular and biochemical techniques to execute our experiments

  • Animal 

    • Modeling Human Cancer in Mice , intraperitoneal and S.C.injections, animal surgery

  • Cell Culture

    • Primary cell Isolation, Stem cells and immortalized cell line maintenance and manipulation, In vitro cytotoxicity studies, migration and invasion assay. 

  • Protein

    • E. coli / mammalian cell system for protein expression and structure characterization/determination “NMR and Circular Dichroism”, membrane protein stability using micelles and bicelles, in Silica molecule/protein-Receptor interaction by High Ambiguity Driven Biomolecular DOCKing (HADDOCK), SDS-PAGE, Western blot analysis, Isoelectric focusing strips, and 2D protein gels.

  • Nucleic Acid 

    • Aptamer developments, DNA / RNA isolation and purification, agarose gel electrophoresis, PCR, qPCR, Next Gen Sequencing,siRNA/shRNA knockdowns, microRNA target gene analysis and pathway identification.

    • Engineering cells with CRISPR, Design Donor DNA and gRNA Nuclease, Nucleofection, Gene Knock Out Using Targeted Nucleases.

  • Flow Cytometry

    • Sample preparation for flow cytometry, multicolor cell staining, compensation and analysis.

  • Fluorescence microscope

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