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Being a Pharmacology and Toxicology  instructor , my approach to teaching has been wholistic in integrating the concepts of Biology to Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physiology, Medicine  and even beyond. 





The current course content is designed to surpass the boundaries of the conventional teaching-learning process, as it attempts to kindle scientific thought and develop a scientific bent of mind among the students. For instance, “When I teach pharmacology, I want my students to leave the classroom as informed consumers of pharmacological agents with the ability to effectively pass on this information to lay people within their communities”.  Therefore, my instruction is based on an interdisciplinary approach that facilitates independent learning and scientific communication. 

 Hence, I strive to achieve this goal through these three strategies: 

1) Merge Conventional Lectures with innovative Student Centric lectures. 

2) Associate the course content with other disciplines and emphasize on real-world implications 

3) Tap into the student’s natural curiosity to encourage a vested interest in the subject. 

I firmly believe that the above assertions will eventually attribute to a Pro-student classroom environment, encouraging the inquisitiveness and the urge to seek answers, among students. 

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